Hobbs Hollow Attempt #1

Posted: March 8, 2010 in Creepy Places
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Hobbs Hollow is a ‘haunted’ lake in Layton.

  1. Me and my cousins tried to go last night…but we were unsure of going with out looking at our surrounding in the day time…we want to become the Fabulous Ghost Investigators hahaha ….we plan on going sometime soon….love the thrill of being scared. We ended up going to the indian schools in brigham city it was awesome got lots of orbs

  2. drum and pick chick says:

    I was disappointed when I went. It wasn’t as scary as some think. It was actually really relaxing to hang out.

  3. jacob says:

    The best locations for a hunt are the abandoned prison in Provo, and the Indian schools in Brigham. My friends and I go hunting every weekend. The nunnery in Logan canyon is cool as well. Email me if you need directions. Jacobrhcpfanatic@Gmail.com

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