Ted Bundy’s House

Posted: December 13, 2010 in Creepy Places
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The infamous serial killer Ted Bundy had a residence in Utah, and it’s still accessible (if you have the courage to get out of your car). It is located at approximately 115 Burr’s Lane (Emigration Canyon Road) in Salt Lake City just past the Hogle Zoo (another sweet adventure!) and the large apartment buildings. The green gate marking the small dirt lane to his abandoned and vandalized house will be on your right side driving up the canyon. You can park right by it, but if you want to be a little bit more conspicuous but be close enough to run to your car when you see Ted, drive only a hundred feet past it and park next to a monument on the right side. I didn’t see any “No Trespassing!!” signs located at the gate or in the area. Once you walk around the gate, you can stroll down the little lane, over a creek, until you reach an opening with his small house and cellar (west of the house). While I have attempted this many times with friends, I’ve never been able to reach this point in the dark, so I explored the area in the light of day. His old residence is littered with graffiti and broken items (including a toilet). On the right side of the house is the cellar (where he probably did, and still does, store his victims’ bodies) with a hole busted in the door allowing only the most daring of individuals inside. From here, I will let you explore the unknown. WARNING: You may not get very far with the light-hearted girls.  Map to Ted Bundy’s House.

EDIT: The house has been demolished, but the cellar is still located to the right of the house foundation.

  1. Manda says:

    Went there last halloween. What a trip! All girls so needless to say we were pretty freaked out. We parked in the lot on the left side of the road because there was a no trespassing sign. We walked and we stopped at the green gate to make a game plan and then we thought we saw something in the trees! Crazy! But we kept going. We got the bravery to go to close to the cellar and the house. It had the creepiest vibe. The house wasn’t that bad but even just going around the cellar was just… weird. You got the strangest vibe from it, like you were being watched. You felt sadness and anger and just so many other emotions. When we looked in the cellar we saw what looked like old rusty chains on the wall but it was hard to see with our bad flashlights. I would like to know how big the cellar is though. I want to go back during the day to explore more. Some stories say that there have been sacrificed dogs and other animals there and that it is a big spot for devil worshipping. So the best times to go would be between 8 and 11. Anytime after that things get just plain creepy.

  2. kaitlyn says:

    So me and my friend and my mom tried to get to this house. we found the green gate up the canyon right after the apartment buildings. the “creek” that was right after the green gate wasnt a creek at all, it looked like a driveway that had been flooded and there was no way across. the water was too fast and too deep. we could see a white dumpster on the other side of the driveway but no house. we saw another white object off to the right of it ut it looked like another white dumpster, but we couldnt say for sure. Maybe it was the cellar but we have no clue. we tried walking down the pathway of weeds and trees to see if there was another way around but it was more too fast rishing river water. maybe we will just have to wait until the water is gone because there i some bad flooding. our friend went up a while back but the one she went to was farther up the canyon. she told us we had to pass a bar and it was hard to find. Still, past the green gate we saw nothing. maybe they tore it down? or its just very well hidden. i dont know, better directions would be good.

  3. morgan says:

    Hey… So me and my friends tried to find this house as well. and we couldnt ever find it. how far up emigration canyon do you have to go?

    • It’s just past the large white apartment building on the right and just before the small monument about the pioneers. You don’t have to drive very far up the canyon at all, but it can be a bit hard to find as it is a bit off the road.

  4. charyssa cahoon says:

    my friends and i went there. The house is completely gone but the cellar is still there. We walked up to it and saw the hole and shit. It was creepy as hell. We got the worst feeling and left. But we definietly want to go back in the day.

    • I just heard that they torn down the house too! That’s too bad. Even without the house, I’m sure it still has a creepy feeling. I’m sure the cellar is still a popular attraction though. Thanks for the info!

      • Spencer says:

        How many residences did Ted Bundy have in Salt Lake City. All the Youtube videos are of the former house up Emigration Canyon but Wikipedia has a picture of his house on First Avenue. Did Ted Bundy live in multiple places in the year + he lived in Salt Lake?

      • Spencer says:

        Ted Bundy never lived there. I found a photo of his gasoline credit card bill which showed his address being on 1st Ave while he was going to law school and committing his crimes in Utah and Colorado. After the police first arrested him for finding burglary tools and started following him around he moved to a house on Douglas street just south of the University of Utah before he was charged with kidnapping. He never lived up Emigration Canyon or on West Temple.

  5. Amy says:

    My friends and I went up to the cellar tonight. Some of my friends even had the balls to walk inside. It gives you the creepiest feeling. If you are going at night i highly suggest flashlights because it feels like your being watched from all angles. The cellar is creepy as hell. We walked up to where Ted’s house was supposed to be and you can still see the structure of it. It’s just mostly broken down, but still, seeing that and knowing what happened there gives you the weirdest feeling!!

  6. kirstie weatherly says:

    Just visited the site today and it was sooo awesome! I wish I was brave enough to actually go inside, but I did get pretty close!
    I took some pictures, maybe I’ll post them later? (:

  7. kirstie weatherly says:

  8. Jordan says:

    So, me and a couple of friends (21 people) went up last night, it was pretty dark and luckly some people brought flash lights, we walked to the green gate, which said “no trespassing”. Well we went ahead on our journey anyways, once we got passed the green gate everyone started to freak out and people were getting the chills, we found ted’s destroyed house on the left, and the only thing still standing was the cellar.
    No one dared to get close to the cellar at first, but we got super close. We were all debating if we should go in or not, but one of our friends just went in and after i went in. One by one, most of us went in. We looked in the cellar, and it was small and crowded, but when we went down we saw to small holes on the right. One hole was on the top, one was in the bottom. One of our friends took a camera and stuck his hand in there, but there was nothing but dust and leaves.

  9. Randy & Samantha says:

    For anyone who hasn’t been there, don’t waste your time. There is no house, it’s gone. There is the cellar, which I wouldn’t even call it that. Its real small. There is no place to go after you walk down the stairs. Also there are no rusted chains. I will say it’s creepy looking but thats about it.

    • Jacob says:

      agreed. visiting the location is a total bust. nothing more than a glorified water-heater that’s littered with trash. nothing special. i’d suggest the indian schools, or the old utah county jail for a spook.

  10. Clark says:

    This is not where he lived. I know the owners of the property and they have owned it since the early seventies and they never leased it out. You need to do some reaserch. He lived on Temple not at Imigration Canyon.

    • Wade says:

      How do I find his real house!? I went there and didnt feel much I was surprised how small it was

      • Chris H says:

        Ted Bundy’s real apartment was on 1st Ave and G street, right across from Cafe on 1st. he never lived up Emigration . i’ve also heard that he lived just below the U, but i do not know which house, close to 1200 e and 300 s though.

  11. Clark says:

    Also, it is not a cellar but the old well they used before it was vandalized.

  12. Josh says:

    Me and my friends went and found the green gate, we walked in and past the river and found where the house had been torn down but we couldnt find the cellar. Is it hidden really well or is it gone?

  13. Adi says:

    I went last night because I have wanted to see this house for a long time. We found the gate that said not to trespass, but went in any way. There was a bit of a trail to get to nothing. On the way there though, there was a mattress laying on the ground that had burn marks on it, and then a little ways further, there was a tent on the ground that looked like it had been used recently with a fire pit next to it. Then that was it. No where else to go. Those few things and seeing a rattlesnake on the way back home was the only creepy thing about going to this location.

  14. Penni says:

    In the 1980’s i was visiting my boyfriend in starke florida. He was on florida’s death row. Ted bundy was in the visiting area and ted would stare at me his eyes wierdly fixated on me. I am a beautiful woman and it was very creepy the way ted would stare at me. I did talk to ted but i was terrified of him but with my boyfriend next to me i didn’t worry. My boyfriend who i was visiting was executed. Every weekend i would see ted and his wife carol in the visiting area on florida’s death row.

    • BradK says:

      That is so so crazy. I can’t believe that you actually talked to him while he was in prison. I just read this book that is absolutely fascinating, it’s called The Phantom Prince and it’s written by his ex girlfriend that he dated for 6 years before being caught. It’s a super rare book, if you want to borrow it i would be happy to lend it to you, you may find it interesting.

      • penni coen says:

        My name is penni and i am 49 years old and in 1981 i was visiting my boyfriend who was on florida’s death row with ted bundy. I knew ted and i would talk with ted in the visiting area on florida’s death row. Ted was charming and i had to keep reminding myself that ted was a serial killer. I am a white lady and i am very beautiful and i have long black hair to my shoulders and ted would always stare at me his eyes fixated on me.

      • penni coen says:

        Hi brad my name is penni and i knew ted bundy and i would talk with ted in the visiting area on florida’s death row. I was visiting my boyfriend who was on florida’s death row with ted bundy. This was in the 1980’s. Ted was charming and i had to keep reminding myself that ted was a serial killer. I am a white lady and i have long black hair to my shoulders and my hair is parted in the middle and i am beautiful and ted would always stare at me his eyes fixated on me. Yes i would like to borrow your book.

      • Mindy Hardy says:

        Do you still have the book, I would love to read it.

  15. Kels says:

    Went there tonight, I’m a girl, it wasnt THAT scary.. And I even stood down there for a good 5 minutes.

  16. lauryn langley says:

    Went there a few times and made it down in the cellar long enough to smoke. It has the strangest atmosphere but be careful those victims of his just might stick with you.

  17. Jen says:

    Is it still there? I heard it got burned down.

  18. Wade says:

    I went up there drive up the canyon till you see a small pillar like monument park there then walk down the road a bit and you will find a gate go through the gate and walkdown the path you will come to another gate that has been broke down and then have the option to go left or straight… I went straight which I think is faster. What one girl on here previously was a white dumpster was no dumpster the cellar is white I went inside and I think it may have collapsed cause it was surprisingly small but I also came unprepared with only knives I didnt have a recorder or camera so I couldnt get a good veiw of the inside I did leave my mark before I left above the hole I scratched a cross in the door I suggest you go with mature people who have respect -april 27 2013

  19. John says:

    This is not Ted Bundy’s house. Ted Bundy lived in a rooming house at 565 1st Avenue, which is still there.

  20. We just went there last weekend and the house is still there…kind of. Okay it is totally there but falling down now. You can still see how the yard was at one point and the cellar is down from the house a bit. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10200464382762624&set=a.4362697716134.2141277.1548592381&type=1&theater

  21. Diana says:

    I saw a post saying that Ted never lived in that house and all I can say is this. I visited Ted Bundy residences and abduction sites in Washington, Oregon, Utah and Idaho, places I KNEW for certain had been. And, in almost every place they said something like, “No, Ted never lived here. He lived up the street.” And, at a hotel where he allegedly killed a woman, they said, “No, he never killed anybody here. He only stayed here.” I’m guessing there are realtors out there who put a spin on things because they don’t want people to be afraid they will move into an actual Ted House.

  22. Daisy says:

    so I am going up there this weekend and I was wondering if I could get some detailed directions because we are having 4 people drive (:

  23. Nate Morris says:

    he also lived on holladay blvd. (2300 east) the house is still in tact but there is a caretaker who watches over it. creepy place.

    • dm wmson says:

      Bundy never lived on holladay blvd. Again just a regular house with no conection to anything creepy or evil… how do i know because it has been in my family since 1930. I am really getting tired of this. Please respect my rights and use your head could a student afford this kind of rent. He lived on tje avenues. Please quit trespassing and harrassing my home.

  24. calllmemorbid says:

    I’m not certain if Ted lived up the canyon, however I do know that he lived at 565 East 1st Avenue, in apt 2. I actually live in one of the units in this building. Around Halloween there are a lot of curious people snooping around the house, it’s kinda funny. I didn’t know anything about it until AFTER I signed the lease – I asked the landlord and he confirmed that Ted Bundy did live here, however he didn’t seem to want to talk about it. Although my apartment is quiet and not very creepy, I recently talked to my neighbor upstairs who’s adjacent to Ted’s old apartment – he said that in the last few months he’s seen things moved on their own, he also wasn’t aware of the buildings former occupant. The ghost of Ted Bundy or just old spirits in an old house? Either way I love living here!

  25. Melody says:

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  26. cfurse says:

    To all Ted Bundy Seekers:
    We live in Emigration Canyon, on what USED to be Burr Fork. I have written the book ‘History of Emigration Canyon’. And talked with the FBI about the Ted Bundy story. No, Ted Bundy did not live in Emigration Canyon. Furthermore, the address 115 Burr Lane NEVER existed (all of the Burr fork addresses would have been over 1200). The little house behind the green gate at the bottom of the canyon (which was not used as a residence so did not have any address, and certainly not Burr Fork) was torn down several years ago as several of the other posters have noted. It is no longer there. Ted Bundy never lived there either.

    Now somehow a bunch of kids have been targeting our house which also was not lived in by Ted Bundy (we built it, so we ought to know). We have had numerous frights in the middle of the night when kids were poking around our home, our garage, our yard looking for the elusive Bundy cabin. Not here, sorry, but we are. If this was your home and yard, you would be frightened to find a stranger running through your backyard too. Pretty rude, huh?

    The Ted Bundy/Emigration Canyon story is a ‘snopes’ rumor, a farce, and you have been HAD. The trouble is, so many folks are looking for this lark, and are now impeding on our privacy, our home, and our security. Please, please stop this incorrect and now dangerous rumor.

    Just a regular family living in a regular house in a regular place.Thank you.

    • Steven Palukaitis says:

      Me and some friends of mine are planning a séance in this location on October 30th, 2015–please come and join us for what should be a super-creepy night. There will be drinks and a bon fire on property, so get ready to have a blast!

    • Sean says:

      I live up Emigration and constantly have to deal with those idiots running across the road at night and pulling their cars out into traffic. He never lived there. Get over it and get a life.

  27. Lindsey davis says:

    Haha! I just read this any died. 4-5ish years ago before he died, he was the one who busted the hole in the cellar door, I have videos and all. He was so cool and scared us so bad. That a so cool to read that lol.

  28. Sophia says:

    My friends and I have went a couple times and we have all gone inside the little cellar type thing. We have gone in the night and day and it was very fun

  29. […] rapist, and necrophile who brutally murdered 41 people, mostly women. The house itself was demolished in 2006, and the only thing that remains of this home is the cellar, where it’s said Bundy would […]

  30. kira says:

    I am an emotional sponge. I soak up any emotions or vibes/energies around me. If my friend is grumpy, I’m grumpy. If my friend is sad, I’m sad. Etc.
    Don’t judge me, but I am a psychology lover and of course my spark of interest is the psych of serial killers. I spent almost a year learning about serial killers every day and one of my most favorite to learn about and talk about was Ted Bundy. I could tell you many things about him and I spent every day for 2 months learning about him. I’ve begged my friends to go with me to Ted Bundy’s house for years! So let me tell you, when my friends finally agreed I was STOKED. I was full on basically running and jumping. But as I jumped over the gate, and started to get closer, my excitement was drained with an instant feeling and negativity. I wasn’t scared. I never have been slightly scared. I kept going, and we got up to it. My friend Madison had gone lots of times so she was showing me everything. My excitement was gone, all I felt was tears forming in my eyes, my stomach started turning, I was instantly sick. Being who I am, I powered through it. I walked down the stairs in the cellar and instantly turned around because I have never felt so much negativity, anger, sadness, at the same time. I couldn’t breathe. I felt pressure all around my neck and shoulders as if I were being crushed with a giant boulder. I went and sat outside of it, with my head between my knees trying to ease my stomach and not vomit. All I could feel was sadness and pain. I could feel something there besides my 3 friends, I promise you. It feels as if someone’s staring you down. That feeling when you’re laying there alone and someone walks in the room type of feeling. But the person who walks in doesn’t want you there.
    So there’s the little 5’0″ girl, obsessed with serial killers, vomiting on the side of the road and wanting to cry the whole hour drive back home then a good phone call with mom telling her all about it. I’m never going back. You couldn’t pay me $100,000,000 to ever step foot near there again. I have never felt such an awful feeling.

  31. Brad says:

    This is not correct at all and never has been correct. He only had two residences in Utah while he lived here. One of them is in the avenues on first Avenue and about G St. and the other place that he lived is on 12 E. in between third and fourth S. by the U.

    • Brad says:

      If anybody wants proof they can email me at Bradkasteler@gmail.com.

      I have a picture of Ted Bundy’s drivers license that shows his address in the avenues, and then I have another picture of the form while he was going to the University of Utah that shows his address on Douglas street

  32. Kat says:

    Okay, he did not live in the house. It was vacant at the time he was using the cellar. He would take some of his victims down there, and is reportedly where he either murdered them or prepared the bodies. Either way he left a shit ton of negative energy and spirits there. My friend and I went there tonight, and I have never been more creeped out in my life. We didnt go inside the cellar, because we got way to freaked out. We took a picture of the inside with our flash on, and what we caught on the picture scared the shit out of us. Never going back.

  33. Demi says:

    Can you tell me how to exactly get There?

    • Sean says:

      Head west out of Salt Lake until you see a sign that says “Josepa”……. take that road and head south. About 5 miles down.

  34. Katie Schmidt says:

    Visited it during the daytime on July 11,2018. The only thing that seemed off, while standing on the steps in the cellar, was I turned to speak to my friend who was outside the cellar & I felt somebody was behind me. Also, on the way back to the gate, I had to look back a couple times as it felt like somebody was following us.

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