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Drive to the top of the Oquirrh Mountains and make a bonfire!

The Oquirrh Mountains are west of the Salt Lake Valley, and home to the famous Bingham Canyon Mine, also known as the Kennecott Copper Mine. These mountains can be camped in, biked in, and even ATVed in. However, one adventure I’ve found is to build a huge bonfire on top of a peak, overlooking the entire Salt Lake Valley.

To get here, drive southwest up Butterfield Canyon Road. From here, continue all the way up the road, after a few miles you will hit a dirt road that will most likely require a high-clearence vehicle. Once you get to the junction on the now Middle Canyon Road, turn north and continue up the dirt road. This sketchy road gets you to the top of a mountain peak, while a large open area (large enough to park many vehicles and have a bonfire). One time while doing this, a police officer came and talked to us, but simply asked if we had any drugs or alcohol and told us to keep it under control. They seem okay with it if it doesn’t get out-of-hand. View a map of the Bingham Canyon Overlook.

This is a great adventure that can be done in the spring, summer, or fall while any size of group. Enjoy!


Get chased around Sugarhouse by little people all night long, and for free!

Allen Park, better known as Hobbitville, is private lane across the street from Westminster College. If is known for it’s small houses, creepy statues, and violent “hobbits”.

One particular night, a few friends of mine decided to check this place out for ourselves. This was a night I will never forget. We were driving past the entrance to Hobbitville waiting for an old, beat-up car with their lights off to leave. On the third time we drove by, it pulled out and followed a few cars behind us. We noticed and with crying girls in the back seat, I (the driver) pulled down a side street to attempt to loose them. This didn’t work however. They began a 30 minute long chase through the Sugarhouse area. We would catch glimpses of them and discovered that they were old  guys with long, grey beards. Creepy. At times we would think we lost them, then we would drive to a 4-way stop in a neighborhood and they would be sitting in the middle of the intersection with their lights off. We pretty much crapped our pants. We finally got back on the main road and thought we lost them. All the passengers convinced me that we needed to abandon Hobbitville for tonight and just go home. I pulled a U-turn at an intersection. But right after I had turned around the beat-up car with no headlights drove past us, smiled, and waved. This is when I first started freaking out. After that, no car or stoplight kept me from speeding home as fast as we could. With the rain beating down hard at 1:00 in the morning, the girls couldn’t stop crying until we reached the safety of home.

Hobbitville is located on Allen Park Drive, just across the street of Westminster College in Salt Lake City, Utah. It is a small road surrounded by trees with a gate, which is usually open, a few feet in room the road. It is a private drive and there is security. If you are caught, you will be asked to leave, but very forcefully. Once you enter the village, if does back pretty far. Inside this forested drive, there are homes, old abandoned buildings, and creepy stone monuments with weird sayings all around. View a map of Hobbitville.

  • Ophir and Jacob City abandoned mines
  • Storm Mountain Campground
  • “Coffin House”
  • Ted Bundy’s House
  • Reach Hobbs Hollow
  • Drive the Skyline Drive
  • Antelope Island
  • Clark Planetarium
  • Gilga Gardens
  • International Peace Gardens
  • Hike Lone Peak

Any suggestions what I should add to this list?