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The infamous serial killer Ted Bundy had a residence in Utah, and it’s still accessible (if you have the courage to get out of your car). It is located at¬†approximately 115 Burr’s Lane (Emigration Canyon Road) in Salt Lake City just past the Hogle Zoo (another sweet adventure!) and the large apartment buildings. The green gate marking the small dirt lane to his abandoned and vandalized house will be on your right side driving up the canyon. You can park right by it, but if you want to be a little bit more conspicuous but be close enough to run to your car when you see Ted, drive only a hundred feet past it and park next to a monument on the right side. I didn’t see any “No Trespassing!!” signs located at the gate or in the area. Once you walk around the gate, you can stroll down the little lane, over a creek, until you reach an opening with his small house and cellar (west of the house). While I have attempted this many times with friends, I’ve never been able to reach this point in the dark, so I explored the area in the light of day. His old residence is littered with graffiti and broken items (including a toilet). On the right side of the house is the cellar (where he probably did, and still does, store his victims’ bodies) with a hole busted in the door allowing only the most daring of individuals inside. From here, I will let you explore the unknown. WARNING: You may not get very far with the light-hearted girls. ¬†Map to Ted Bundy’s House.

EDIT: The house has been demolished, but the cellar is still located to the right of the house foundation.