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Well “The Rock” is simply an outcropping just east of I-215 on the east bench of the Salt Lake Valley. From Wasatch Blvd, you take a turn to the east and pull up into the Mt. Olympus Trailhead parking lot, which is just below the small rock outcropping . But just south of the tiny parking lot is the start of the Mt. Olympus trail (if you don’t want to just hike up the rock pile in front). Take this trail a short few hundred feet up to the top of The Rock (the trail continues to your right). After climbing onto The Rock, you get a gorgeous view of the Salt Lake Valley looking west.  This is definitely somewhere you can bring some friends, a date, or even a first kiss! Cops have been known to hang out here and enforce a curfew, but as long as you aren’t jerks they are pretty cool. Map to The Rock.


Hobbs Hollow is a ‘haunted’ lake in Layton.

  • Ophir and Jacob City abandoned mines
  • Storm Mountain Campground
  • “Coffin House”
  • Ted Bundy’s House
  • Reach Hobbs Hollow
  • Drive the Skyline Drive
  • Antelope Island
  • Clark Planetarium
  • Gilga Gardens
  • International Peace Gardens
  • Hike Lone Peak

Any suggestions what I should add to this list?